2 years ago • May 25, 2022

We Are Heartbroken and Outraged


Once again we are confronted by the horror of the massacre of elementary school children.

Once again we bear witness to the parents, siblings, and grandparents whose lives are irrevocably decimated.

Once again we hear the hollow calls for thoughts and prayers by those with the power to eradicate this cancer that is killing our children and destroying the very moral fiber of this nation.

Once again we see that our idolatry of guns grossly exceeds our commitment to the sanctity of life.

Once again we see a nation so cravenly divided that we cannot even end the now routine brutal murder of elementary school children.

We grieve and we are outraged. This is the 27th school shooting in 2022, a year that has already seen over 200 mass shootings, including last week’s tragic shooting in a Laguna Woods church and racist murders in Buffalo. Ten years ago, we believed that the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School would finally be a turning point on gun legislation in our country, but we have done literally nothing to combat this scourge. Indeed, since Sandy Hook many of our elected officials have pushed to make it easier to purchase guns and have opposed all sensible gun legislation. Our fetishization of guns apparently exceeds our love for our children.

How many lives will be cut short and families’ lives irreversibly shattered before we see meaningful change? Our country has a gun problem, and we must do everything in our power to create change.

SUPPORT organizations working on gun violence prevention including EverytownMoms Demand ActionBrady CampaignGiffords, March For Our Lives, and Sandy Hook Promise.

VOTE and encourage others to vote.READ R’ Brous’s powerful Twitter thread.MARCH and encourage others to march.

Where Do We Go From Here?Monday, May 30, 10am-12pm, 200 N. Spring S. 90012 (City Hall West)Join the Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE), SCLC, BEND THE ARC, Clergy 4 Black Lives, NAACP-SFV, and Black Jewish Justice Alliance (BJJA) for an Ecumenical and Interfaith community vigil to Honor the Lives of the souls lost and to unequivocally denounce white supremacist ideology and violence, and to work hand in hand together with us to build our beloved community in honor of those whose lives were stolen.