2 years ago • Mar 30, 2022

We call for an end to violence and pray for peace

IKAR Clergy

As so many major world events continue to keep the entire globe in tension, it is sadly too easy to overlook one crisis or another. And yet, amidst everything else that is happening, we in the Jewish community cannot help but note with horror that this past week we witnessed the deadliest series of terrorist attacks on Israeli citizens in many years. In a spree of five attacks, eleven Israelis have been killed, the last five just yesterday in a shooting in Bnei Brak.IKAR always mourns the loss of life in the Holy Land, but it is especially tragic when we see violence targeting non-combatants, people murdered as they are just going through their day trying to live their lives, work their jobs and take care of their families.We are heartened by the condemnation of these attacks by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. We are also encouraged by the summit of foreign ministers which also took place this week in the Negev, with representatives from the US, Israel, the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, and Morocco, in an attempt at “building a new regional architecture based on progress, technology, religious tolerance, security, and intelligence cooperation.” With the spirit of the Negev Summit in mind and Passover, Ramadan, and Easter on the horizon, we pray for the kind of universal peace that is idealized by all people of faith.Indeed, we Jews pray for peace in the land of Israel and throughout the world three times a day in our prayers. It is heartbreaking when we must add to those prayers an urgent plea for the cessation of extremist violence. But that is the prayer on our hearts this week. May the coming week bring strength and healing to those who have been close to the violence, and safety and sanity to all the peoples of the region.– Rabbi David Kasher, Rabbi Morris Panitz, and Rabbi Ronit Tsadok