2 years ago • Apr 27, 2022

Yom HaShoah – A Survivor’s Story

Pesach VIII Sermon. John Destler (née Hans Wolfgang Destler) was born in Berlin on October 13, 1931. One of his earliest memories is of watching from the balcony of his family’s apartment as Hitler and Mussolini drove by in a motorcade. From there, he was both witness to history, a young child caught in the brutal tides of WWII, the Shoah, and family trauma. What defines a childhood steeped in the devastation of war, persecution, the threat of annihilation, and personal and international rupture?We welcomed John to our community to talk about his unique experiences and the trauma and challenges that did not end in 1945, including a lifelong battle with addiction that he was able, at the age of 72, to face and heal.Co-Sponsored by The Righteous Conversations Project, A Program of Remember Us

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Watch: Vimeo / Video Credit: IKAR’s 6th grade 2021 Limudim students in collaboration with Shoah survivors.