Grow Greener with Native Plants

IKAR Green Action encourages—and helps you—to plant a drought-resilient and pollinator-friendly garden, whether a whole yard or a scattering of containers. We must preserve California’s water supply, along with pollen-bearing bees, birds, and butterflies. So we’re offering award-winning sustainable landscaper Beth Edelstein’s imagination and artistry for inspiration on doing it beautifully. Click here to view her presentation. Together, we’ll grow a “national park” woven from all our private drought-resilient and pollinator-friendly gardens!

We also give you a full listing of native and pollinator-friendly plant nurseries and resources by region. Even better, we invite you to send us pictures of your drought-resilient garden at [email protected]. And, best of all, if you have any questions about your garden, email our minyan of expert gardeners for their brilliant advice!

Local Sources for CA Native and Pollinator-Friendly Plants

LA Area

C&S Nursery: 3615 Hauser Blvd, LA 90016  (323) 296-6657

Merihews Nursery: 1526 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica 90405 (310) 452-1051

Marina Del Rey Garden Center: 13198 Mindanao Way, Marina Del Rey 90292 (310) 823-5956

Las Pilitas Nursery: 3232 Las Pilitas Road, Santa Margarita 93453 (805) 438-5992

Theodore Payne Nursery:10459 Tuxford Street, Sun Valley 91352 (818) 768-1802


Drought-Resilient Native Plants

Fairly hardy native plants for yards or containers:

Ceanothus ‘Yankee point’

Ceanothus ‘Ray Hartman’

Ceanothus ‘Concha’

Saliva varieties

Kurapia (ground cover)

Abutilon palmeri (bush)

Festuca idahoensis (low grass)

Sphaeralcea ambigua (Apricot Mallow)

Artemesia californica

Chilopsis linearis (med tree)

Sisyrinchium bellum (Blue-Eyed Grass)

Penstemon Margarita BOP

Verbena de la mina

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