“Our schools must do what non-religious schools have failed to accomplish; to convey to the student a sense for the marvel and mystery of being alive, a sense of indebtedness as well as a sense of significant being, an awareness of holiness in time, the capacity for celebration, the ability to hold God and humanity in one thought at one time.” —Abraham Joshua Heschel, Idols in the Temples

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IKAR’s ECC was built, in the language of Heschel, with the dual mission of cultivating the minds and celebrating the spirits of our children. The IKAR Early Childhood Center (ECC) is built around core Jewish values and based upon philosophies inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. We aim to nurture gratitude, humility, and social responsibility in our children, families, and staff. The ECC provides a loving and engaging environment in which our children’s physical, social, emotional, cognitive, creative, and spiritual growth is supported and their individuality respected.

The ECC is open to children ages 2-5 years, and we offer a variety of schedule options. Donate to the IKAR ECC | Like the ECC on Facebook

Affiliated with BJE. 

The IKAR Early Childhood Center is currently giving tours and accepting applications for the 2020-21 school years for children ages 2-5.

We are excited to show you around. Space is limited on our tours so we can get to know you better.

Please contact Beth Weisman, Director of Parenting and Admissions, for tour information and with any questions about ECC applications or enrollment.

Thank you! We look forward to meeting you.

Visit IKAR’s staff page to learn more about the IKAR ECC leadership team: • Dr. Jane Rosen, ECC Director • Beth Weisman, ECC Director of Parenting and Admissions • Gabrielle Romero Operations & Office Manager Contact them at [email protected] for more information.

The best way I can describe to you the way we feel about our experience with the ECC is in the form of feeling. From our daughter’s first day in Ahava to her graduation ceremony from Neshama there has been a consistent and resonant feeling of warmth, trust, community, and a deeply felt joy in the thriving of children and the honoring of their beings. We experienced these feelings throughout our child’s time at the ECC, we felt it every time we were at the school, in the presence of the loving and dedicated teachers, among the kids playing, creating, learning, laughing. The ECC was the beginning of our daughter’s journey in education and she loved it. For that, we will always be deeply grateful. — Jill & Mark The IKAR ECC has been the loving, supportive, creative place that we couldn’t have ever dreamt up for our daughter. It has brought such joy and wonder to her, and such community and friendship to our lives that we can’t imagine the last few years without it. We’re excited to get another three years at the ECC when our son starts next year! — Betsy & Joel