Sermons & Teachings

Here are some of the insights and teachings our rabbis have shared with the IKAR community on Shabbat and during the High Holy Days.

  • Shabbat
  • High Holy Days
  • Guest Speakers & Highlights
  • Speeches, Addresses & Podcasts

Shabbat Sermons
Our rabbis are doing their fiery preaching and teaching every Shabbat morning; it’s food for thought all week long and beyond.

High Holy Days Sermons
Ruminate, appreciate, get irate, activate: our rabbis guide us through the spiritual journey of the Holiest of Days.

Guest Speakers & Highlights
Hear our honored guests generously share their wisdom and heart with the IKAR community, and watch your favorite highlights of our rabbis and community members, during High Holy Days and all year long.

Watch our clergy eloquently address the greater community on important and timely issues.

We’ve got a lot to say, but apparently not on the exact topic you’re looking for.
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