Aaron Applebaum (Treasurer)

Aaron grew up in rural New Jersey, attended Williams College in Massachusetts, and started his investment career in Boston. There, he married Lauren, and after a number of enjoyably cold winters, the two of them left for an adventure in Los Angeles so that he could join Capital Group’s municipal bond team. As an investor, he focused on investing in not-for-profit retirement communities, municipal electric utilities, and portfolio risk management and later became a diversified portfolio manager.

Soon after arriving in Los Angeles, Aaron and Lauren started a family and found their way to Ikar, drawn to its energy, values, and community. Their son, Micah, attended the IKAR ECC, and has remained close with many of his classmates in Limudim. Their daughter, Liora, celebrated her Bat Mitzvah at IKAR in 2022. Lauren was a long-serving board member focusing on Ikar’s educational programs.

Aaron tends to think in big picture terms. He continues to ponder macroeconomic conditions, but he is deeply concerned with environmental sustainability issues and believes that large shifts in consumption patterns and rapid decarbonization of global energy systems is necessary to reduce the worst risks of climate change. When not savoring the joys and challenges of parenting, he enjoys exploring outdoors via cycling, backpacking, or backcountry skiing.