Hazan Hillel Tigay

Hazan/Music Director

Hillel majored in musicology, and specialized in composition, classical guitar, the renaissance lute and pop music. He went on to co-found the Jewish rap band MOT. He has released two albums Judeo and Judeo Volume II, and under Palms Station, has released Stand Together. Fall Apart. Listen and follow on Spotify, Apple, YouTube, and Soundcloud. And we can’t forget the spectacular live renditions of “Mad World” and with “Alive” Hillel and Curt Smith (Tears for Fears).

The son of a rabbinical scholar, Hillel has spent his life expressing his love of yiddishkeit. He spent several years living in Israel, has cantored during High Holy Days since his high school years, and has been the bar mitzvah tutor at Beth Am in Los Angeles since 1991. In addition to leading IKAR services, he spends his time writing his own Jewish music and posing as an international male tweed model. Email him at [email protected].