Wedding and Divorce

Welcome – and mazal tov! At IKAR, your wedding marks a very special way to enter into our community.

The basics

Once you have established your connection with one of our clergy, you will meet regularly with them to prepare you for your ceremony and your life as a married couple. But also, we welcome you into the wider circle of caring and connection that is IKAR. We ask that you join us, so that our journey together continues past your wedding day.

You can find out more about IKAR weddings, including preparation and suggested payments, in this document. Please contact Rabbi Deborah Silver to set up an initial chat.


In the Jewish community we tend not to talk about divorce. The privacy of the divorce ceremony and the complicated feelings it evokes have created a silence around it, even a sense of alienation. But just as a Jewish wedding has its ceremonies and its legal form, so too does the end of a marriage. The participation of a Jewish court ensures that both parties are honorably freed from their partnership, ready to begin a new life journey with dignity and independence.

Our Rabbis will talk you through the traditional rituals of Jewish divorce, prepare you for the ceremony and, if you wish, attend with you to support you. We also work with you, if you wish, to craft personal rituals that reflect what this very significant life transition means to you. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch.