3 months ago • Mar 28, 2024

Community Seder Checklist: What to Bring & Prepare


Are You Seder Ready? Here’s what you need to have at your table:

  • Seder Plate (any large plate will do):
    • Haroset – the sweet mortar – mixed chopped fruit, nuts, spices, and sweet wine
    • Roasted Egg – celebrating Spring – or go vegan with a flower blossom
    • Karpas – green leafy vegetable (parsley or celery are classics)
    • Maror – bitter herb (horseradish)
    • Hazeret – more bitterness (lettuce leaf)
    • Zeroa – a lamb’s bone or go vegan with a beet
    • Optional: an orange (lift up the LGBTQ+ community), a lock & key (for those
      currently enslaved and incarcerated), a tomato (for farmworkers)
  • Spring Hors d’oeuvres for dipping and noshing:
    • Celery, carrots, chopped raw veggies
    • Hard boiled eggs
    • Gefilte Fish
    • Olives
    • Potatoes (however you like them!)
  • A festive dinner
  • Pillows – you want to be comfy
  • Wash basin, cup, towel – we wash our hands multiple times
  • Bowl of salt water
  • Kiddush Cup (if you have one, or your fanciest cup)
  • Grape Juice or Wine – enough for four cups per person
  • Elijah’s Cup (option: Miriam’s cup) – other fancy goblets to have on the table
  • Plate with three pieces of matza, cloth to cover matza, cloth to wrap the Afikomen in
  • Computer/iPad/Tablet fully charged and set up

Coming to our community seder?
We invite you to bring a Passover heirloom or family photo to share.