Ikar brings the spirit of IKAR to our children, blending engaging learning, social justice and spiritual depth. Students experience the joys of Jewish living. We honor and challenge our tradition and inspire our students to find innovative paths to God, Torah, and living a Jewish life of purpose.

We inspire our students to love Torah and to see it as a source of Jewish values and a guide for living a meaningful life. We teach Torah through the lens of justice; kids consider how the stories and instructions help us better understand ourselves, our responsibility to one another and to the world.

In the early years, students encounter stories from the book of Bereshit (Genesis) including creation and the patriarchs and matriarchs and then move into the stories of Shemot (Exodus). Third – fifth grade students begin to explore key stories of TaNaCh, Bible and Rabbinic commentary thematically, exploring such questions as “When should we speak up?” and “When is lying justified?” Older students also explore prophets, ethics, and Rabbinic literature including Mishna and Talmud.

We encourage questioning the text, and recognize that it is not necessary to believe that everything in the Torah is literally true to find truth and meaning in it. Students join the hundreds year old conversation from the mefarshim – scholars’ and rabbis’ interpretations of the Torah – and add their own interpretations in order to find personal and contemporary meaning from the text.

Students will graduate Limudim with the understanding that the pursuit of justice is a fundamental value in Torah and Judaism. They will participate in acts of tzedek and develop practical skills which allow them to engage in making change as adults.

We instill in our students a meaningful connection to the people of Israel, wherever they live, and to the State of Israel, the homeland and heartland of the Jewish people.

We believe that love is strengthened by sophisticated reflection and nuanced thinking, and we work to help our students navigate the complexities of the Israel conversation.

Students are encouraged to explore what God and spirituality mean to them, allowing for the fact that our relationship with and understanding of God can change over time. 

Tefillah (prayer) serves as an opportunity for meaningful moments – with ourselves, our community and with God. Conversations about God begin in PreK and continue throughout Limudim.

Hebrew gives us deeper access to the richness of our tradition, connects us to Israel and our global Jewish community, and is a part of Jews’ shared history and identity.

Limudim graduates know common Hebrew words and phrases, can read Hebrew (including prayers and Torah) and leave Limudim excited to learn more. Kids learn Hebrew orally through Hebrew through Movement. They also hear the sounds of Hebrew through weekly tefillah (prayer) and through Hebrew electives. Students begin formally learning to read in 4th grade. By the time students are in 7th grade, they can read and chant prayers as well as their Torah and haftarah portions

We celebrate the rich racial, ethnic, cultural and pluralistic diversity of our local Jewish community and of Jewish people from around the world, learning about the many varied practices, history, and experiences of Jewish people.

In Limudim, we celebrate the Ethiopian holiday of Sigd, learn about Passover traditions and make haroset from around the world, and play Mexican dreidel on Hanukkah. Students have many opportunities to share and celebrate their family’s traditions.

Limudim welcomes all children and families. We collaborate with our Inclusion Specialist and faculty to ensure that all children are honored, seen, and taught in a meaningful, inclusive way. We invite parents to join our Affinity group for parents/caregivers of neurodiverse children.