Saturday AM — Weekly

We welcome everyone to our Shabbat morning services, no matter their level of observance, experience, or familiarity with Hebrew. Services start at 9:30am PT. Following services, join us for a free, community lunch.

 Join us:

Limudim — Most Saturdays

Our experiential learning for children ages 5 to 12, is held most Saturdays during the school year. Separate childcare for children under 5 is provided.

Bite Size Family Shabbes — Once a month

For families of all types and stripes with kids ages 0-5 (kids – don’t forget to bring your grown-up!) Whether you’re a rookie or a ringer, we invite you to tap into the age-old wisdom of Shabbat with your family. Join us as we slow down, reconnect, and rock out with our favorite clergy. What better way is there to end the week? We meet at 11am in Shalhevet’s rooftop classroom. We hope to see your family there! Please make sure to RSVP here.


Kabbalat Shabbat – Biweekly

J’lem Style. Wondering what that phrase means? We made it up. It’s beautiful & musical, traditional & creative, intense & fluid, short & sweet. On the rocks. Services start at 6:30pm PT. Following services, we have a community dinner. Please make sure to RSVP via the calendar every time (preferably by Wednesday) so we can get an accurate head count.