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Misogyny, Anti-Semitism and Intersectionality in the Book of Esther
by R’ David Kasher
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Biblical Commentary: The Priests of Purim
by R’ David Kasher
There is a classic rabbinic tradition of searching for some connection between any upcoming holiday and the parsha, the Torah reading that happens to fall out on that particular week in the yearly cycle.
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Talmudic Study: Their Last Purim Together
by R’ David Kasher
Babylonian Talmud Megilah 7b: What happened when one Rabbi took the mandate to drink until he couldn’t distinguish between Haman and Mordekhai a little too seriously.
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Utzu Etza
by Hazan Hillel Tigay
Many plots against the Jews have failed throughout history and this song is associated with Purim because it tells the story of another nefarious plan against the Jews, foiled.
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